Sony PS 4.5(NEO) Coming sooner then Expected

maxresdefaultSony’s PlayStation 4.5 (also sometimes called the PlayStation NEO) has been a big discussion since rumors of its release started spreading earlier this year. Sony is expected to unveil its upgrade platform in just under a month, at a special press event held in New York City. Apparently Sony chose the 7th September to avoid going up against Nintendo’s announcement of its NX platform at the Tokyo Game Show on 12th September.

What is new on the NEO?

Rumors has it that the new console will enforce backwards compatibility,The console will feature eight AMD “Jaguar” CPU cores clocked at 2.1GHz a 31% improvement over its older brother,a Polaris-derived GPU with double the GPU cores and a higher clock frequency 2,304 cores total and a 911MHz clock,as supposed to the 1,154 cores and 853MHz and 218GB’s of memory bandwidth, up from 176GB’s on the PS4.

All right so that’s the hardware upgrades what about actual game performance.Now as seeing that the console has  not been actually released we will be using the closest PC based GPU’s to do the matching.For the PS4 the closest would be the R9 270X. The PS NEO would be almost equal to the RX480. Ashes-RX480COH2-RX480As we can see here the RX480 is far stronger than the R9 270X. Now I am not saying the Neo will be twice as good as the PS4 but clearly there is a very big difference. I would say about a x1.5 increase in the performance over the standard PS4 is completely plausible. The big difference will obviously be the up scaling from FHD to 4K. Still no word on pricing though.

So much for the “refreshed” X-Box One S which is only slightly faster than its predecessor. Sony just blasted their way past the competition on this one. Is it safe to say 2017 belongs to Sony? With Microsoft’s Project Scorpio over 12 months away?

sony-morpheus-vr-4417I think if Sony’s VR (Virtual Reality) is any good they could own 2017. Then again Project Scorpio is said to jump the PS4 & PS Neo altogether. Next Gen console maybe?Project-Scorpio-1024x473

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